How to claim your podcast on the Listen App.

Listen App is a unique platform designed specifically for podcasters to build vibrant communities for their core listeners. This method of podcasting is also known as “social podcasting” in which listener engagement is the central premise.

To get started on the Listen App, first create a generic user account by downloading the app and following the onboarding sequence.

When creating your user account, create it as the host of the show, not as the podcast itself (use your personal name, etc).

Once you have the account made, navigate to the top right corner of your user profile to access your settings panel. Here you will see the option to “Claim your Podcast”.

Claiming your podcast is quick and easy:

  1. Search in our database and locate your podcast. If you see it appear more than one time, select the feed that has the most recent timestamp.
  2. If you don’t see your podcast in our search results, use the “Missing Podcast” link to add your podcast manually by pasting your RSS Url link.
  3. Once you locate your podcast, click on “Request Password” and a password will be sent the email associated with your RSS feed.
  4. Enter the 6 digit password to complete the process of claiming your podcast.

Note for users who are hosting on Anchor. By default, Anchor uses a proxy email address and does not forward any of the content to your real email. To receive an email for validation purposes, go to Anchor’s distribution settings and click on “Advanced” Here you’ll see a toggle whether your real email is used in the RSS feed. Once you claim your podcast, you can turn this off again.

What does claiming the podcast do?

All social interaction features on the Listen App are reserved for podcasters who claim their shows.

  1. Your profile will be linked to your podcast and your podcast to your profile.
  2. Listeners to your podcast will be able to join episode rooms to discuss your show from the episode feed.
  3. You will be able to moderate comments.
  4. You will be able to create unique podcast rooms for AMA, hangouts, and discussion of topic-based discussion.
  5. You’ll be able to enable monetization features (coming soon!).

Once you claim your podcast start inviting your listeners to join you on the Listen App. There are many fun and interactive ways to bring your listeners over. Consider making it a privilege and something they must earn to unlock.

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