How to use playlists in the Listen App

Playlists are a great way to organize your episodes for future playback. With the Listen app, you can now organize your episodes based on the type of content, like, “Marketing” “Self-help” or even people, “Elon Musk”.

You can also organize playlists based on when you listen to podcasts. Such as “Commute” “Road-trip” or “House Tasks”.

Creating playlists is really easy. Simply hold down the “Add to queue” button and you will see your playlists. Select the desired playlist and the episode will be automatically added in that bucket.

Use the “+” icon to create new playlists as needed.

When you’re in your playlist queue, use the playlist icon to access all of the playlist options. Here you can edit, delete, and re-arrange the order of your playlists.

If you haven’t already downloaded the V1 Listen App, you can do so here.



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