Listen App Community Launch Checklist

Building a core community for your podcast is essential for every podcaster. By investing in a core community, you will:

  • Get a feedback loop of what content works and what doesn’t.
  • Get a much better understanding of who exactly is your listener.
  • Easily experiment with new types of content.
  • Build relationships with your listeners and not depend on advertisers.
  • Have the freedom to speak your mind and not depend on advertiser sensitivities.

Listen App is the best place to build your loyal listener community. Once you claim your podcast, here is how to jumpstart your early community:

1. Identify the vision of your community.

Why does this community need to exist and how will it benefit those who join? This about this from the perspective of your listeners and try to identify what it is exactly you’ll be enabling them to achieve by launching this podcast community.

There’s a reason your listeners listen to your show. What is the next step for them to take?

For example, if you have a podcast on entrepreneurship your community could be a place where starting entrepreneurs can share their struggles, get feedback on their strategies, and network with other entrepreneurs.

2. Add a Call to Action (CTA) everywhere you cross paths with your listeners.

Your listeners need to know where your core community lives. To do this, they need to see and hear you point it out many times.

Tip: To get your direct podcast link, find your show on the Listen App, tap the three dots on the top right corner, then “Share Podcast” and then “Copy”.

In your call to action, be sure to give your listeners a good reason of why they should listen to your show on the Listen App. Consider something like this:

Listen to my podcast on the Listen App where our core listeners connect, hang out, and share our stories.

  • Add a Listen App CTA in your email footer.
  • Add a Listen App CTA to your social media accounts.
  • Add a Listen App CTA to your website.

3. Create a Launch Campaign

When you initially launch your Listen App community, consider a strong campaign to jumpstart the engagement. Here are some powerful ways to do this:

A. Reach out to a handful of people you know who listen to your show and ask them for a favor.

By asking a group of people to help you start this conversation, you’ll be empowering them to make the first move and to interact with other listeners so that it’s not only coming from you.

B. Gamify the experience.

When you’re first starting your community, consider running a contest for your listeners. To kick off your community, you need a critical mass which will take an initial push.

Idea #1: The 20 people who subscribe to your podcast on the Listen App will get a special shoutout on your show.

Idea #2: The first 100 people who join will be entered into a drawing and 5 people will get some incredible swag shipped to them.

Idea #3: If you have additional products or services THAT you monetize, consider giving them away as a reward to your early community members.

C. Make the announcement on your social media accounts.

Use all points of access to your listeners to let them know about your new community. When posting on Facebook or Instagram, be sure to provide a link and spell out the vision.

4. Integrate a Call to Action (CTA) into your episodes.

Finally, add a short and to-the-point invitation to join your exclusive community on the Listen App. Start by announcing your campaign, what they’ll get if they join right away, and how exactly the should get started.

  • Include a link to your podcast in the episode show notes.
  • Once your community starts growing, feature the comments to give a glimpse of what they’re missing out on.
  • Integrate the user engagement into your content regularly for your listeners to clearly know that your podcast is social.
  • Find regular creative ways to invite your listeners to join the community.

As you do this, gradually you’ll see your community grow and you’ll now be able to leverage your core listeners to grow the show.