Listen App has a shiny new podcast app.

Dear Listen App user,

I hope you’ve been enjoying using the Listen App. We have something that we’re incredibly excited to announce.

Two years ago we created the Listen App to see if we could make a simple and beautiful product that you would enjoy using every day.

Now we stepped up the game and created the first social network for podcast listeners.

Let’s be honest, podcast listeners don’t have a place we can call home. We’re like vagabonds jumping from Facebook to Slack, to Discord.

But none of those places were designed for us. Until now.

If you enjoyed our first app, you will absolutely love this one. It has everything you had in the first app and much more.

We have completely redesigned it with incredible attention to detail. Also, all of your feedback from the first app has been considered and implemented here.

We’re also experimenting with voice-based engagement and invite you to try it out!

But instead of just forcing the update on all of our users, we decided to make it optional for you.

Here are some common questions:

1. What will you do with the old app?

We will leave it in the app store for the time being, however we will no longer be making any improvements or product updates.

2. Will the new app also be simple and ad-free?

Yes, we do not intend to monetize the app by showing you ads. Your payment for this free app is to leave us a good review and share it with your friends.

3. Where can I read more about your plans and vision?

The place to start are these two posts:

What is the Listen App?

Why is the Listen App?

If you like the new app, you can just delete your old app. If you don’t like it, please let us know how we can make it better.

Write us anytime [email protected]

We’re always eager to hear back from our users!

Yours truly,

Paul Michaelenko

Founder, CEO

PS: Plz don’t forget to leave us a good rating and review. It’ll mean the world for us 🙏 and I promise to do everything possible to keep it free and ad-free!