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to grow your

Give your loyal fans a meaningful community.
Activate them to grow your show.
Get insights and stats.

What if voice-chat & podcasting had a baby?

The first podcast app that lets you listen to your favorite shows and have meaningful conversations with other listeners.

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Get voice-first, communities.

Voice is the future—it is easier, faster, and more personal. Voice is the best medium for podcast communities.

Reply to listeners on-the-go.

All comments are in voice and transcribed. Listen on-the-go, or skim quickly in your app.

Enjoy a troll-free community.

Voice chat + community curation = meaningful conversations. The human voice has personal DNA.

Access key insights into your core listeners.

"Listen app is the best way to identify, retain, and monetize your core listeners."

Pat Flynn —Pat Flynn

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The best moat is a meaningful community.

Many new podcasts are being created everyday. A strong community will retain your fans.


We’re a team of product obsessed individuals. Here’s why we created the Listen App:

We believe it’s unfortunate that podcast communities don’t exist. Listeners are naturally subscribing to shows that reflect their deep interests. The more niche the podcast, the more valuable the potential community.

We believe that ad-supported models have major drawbacks for creators and listeners alike. We think that podcasting needs a good place where creators can engage with their loyal listeners directly and where fans can support their favorite creators.

We also believe that this place should be incredibly beautiful.