5by5 is a podcast production company, home to shows like The Talk ShowBack to WorkThe Big Web ShowThe Pipeline, and more, with hosts including Dan BenjaminJohn GruberMerlin Mann, and Jeffrey Zeldman.

5by5 was founded in 2009 by Dan Benjamin as a company to centralize, produce, and distribute the podcasts he and his co-hosts were creating. Dan had an early start in podcasting, experimenting with the medium for several years until launching his formal interview show, The Hivelogic Podcast, in early 2007.

At 5by5, Dan is a host and co-host, producer, sales person, editor, engineer, and janitor. 5by5 is Dan’s full-time job, but he couldn’t do it alone. Learn more about 5by5’s co-hostscrew, and amazing guests.

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