We help podcasters track their reviews/ratings and rankings all across the world. See how your podcast is performing across all players.

We help with the decision on which podcast link to share. Should you share the link to your podcast on Apple because its the most popular player? Or should you share your Spotify link? With our Kitelinks feature, podcasters can share their Kitelink and when the listener clicks on the link it gives them the option of every player your podcast is on and is suitable for the user’s device. Create separate kitelinks for separate platforms

What makes us different is that we are one of the only tools that track chart rankings across all the categories and countries. Giving you a real clear view of where your podcast stands in the current charts. A big part of what makes us different is our approach to building a community. We want to work with quality brands in the podcast space who are really focused on growing a strong community/network and help all those podcasters out there succeed.

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