What is Total Body Voice?

Total Body Voice is an online voice coaching program designed specifically for podcasters and speakers.

The program lays a foundation by strengthening the core functions of speech: breathing, resonance, and dynamics.

It’s designed so that busy professionals could train at their own pace and on their own schedule.

1) Online videos taking you step-by-step through the core foundation.

2) Regular group coaching sessions where you can opt into a short 1-1 session.

3) An exclusive community where you can share your progress and meet other professionals.

Train your voice in community:

Develop a solid technique; Speak with a pleasant and attractive voice; Develop depth, resonance, and rich texture; Learn to speak for extended times without fatigue; Learn proper vocal health and recovery techniques.

Group voice coaching is an online program designed to help podcasters and speakers optimize their vocal health and performance.

A strong speaking voices results in a strong social advantage. There is a way to speak that has power, depth, and dynamics.

There are three different options:

1) Purchase all online video course

2) Online videos plus regular group coaching & community

3) Everything + 1-1 monthly sessions.

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