Internal social-audio to build culture & engage teams.

We enable successful companies to use social-audio to onboard, educate, retain, and communicate with growing teams.

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Your team already loves audio.

This is the easiest way to get started.

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More personal
than email.

Easily record and send a weekly 2min, “Message from the CEO” to the entire organization.

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More social
than podcasts.

Two-way audio allows your team to respond a discuss posts using their own voice.

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More secure
than private RSS.

Address sensitive questions without worry that someone else might have access.

Stay  connected  with  your  team  on-the-go. 

Be transparent with social audio.

Use the intimacy of voice to connect with millennial employees looking for transparent honesty.

Talk about values and direction.

Give a place for leaders to discuss the company direction and the values which guide the decisions.

Discuss events & announcments.

Get a forum for company leadership to discuss current events, policy and process changes.

Highlight top success stories.

Inspire the team by sharing powerful stories of co-workers who are excelling and growing.

Share audio from your meetings.

Post clips from important meetings for everyone (esp remote workers) to re-listen and engage with.

Onboard and get feedback.

Build a channel of regularly updated content for new hires to quickly get caught up on.

Audio is here to stay. Take advantage of it.

Listen App is the only social-audio podcast app designed for teams to connect using their voices.

Companies who have already adopted podcasts:

  • american airlines
  • Apple
  • Caterpillar
  • comcast
  • home depot
  • master card
  • netflix
  • shopify
  • trader joes
  • verizon


We’re a team of product obsessed individuals. Here’s why we created the Listen App:

We believe it’s unfortunate that podcast communities don’t exist. Listeners are naturally subscribing to shows that reflect their deep interests. The more niche the podcast, the more valuable the potential community.

We believe that ad-supported models have major drawbacks for creators and listeners alike. We think that podcasting needs a good place where creators can engage with their loyal listeners directly and where fans can support their favorite creators.

We also believe that this place should be incredibly beautiful.