6 Tips and tricks on the Listen app

Golden Krishna famously said that the best interface is no interface. But sometimes you need a little nudge in the right direction to access the best user hacks.

Here are some tips for using the Listen Podcast App:

Additional options include:

  1. Download episode
  2. Share episode
  3. Mark as listened
  4. More from the same author

In your settings, you can access a wide array of download and auto-delete settings. For example, you can select from your favorite shows to auto-download new episodes when you have a wifi connection.

You can also have the app auto-delete episodes. For example, you can have an episode be deleted from your phone 3 days after it has been listened to.

Finally, we have also given you custom download controls over your individual playlists. When you’re viewing your playlist, use the controls panel to set auto-download on any playlist you wish to have available without internet.

If you haven’t already downloaded the V1 Listen App, you can do so here.


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