Why we created a podcast tools & resource guide.

This year, in a comprehensive survey, International Podcast Association found that podcasters needed most help with Marketing/Promotion and their biggest “want” was a resource directory. What a strange desire to have at the #1 spot, right? Not ice-cream🍦, but a directory 🤓.


But it actually makes sense. To create a podcast, you need:

  • A studio with sound isolation and a good microphone.
  • Audio recording & mixing software.
  • A way to design a logo and show artwork.
  • A podcast website to send people to.
  • A hosting platform that will create your RSS feed.
  • A management system for tracking episodes working on.
  • A video calling/recording system.
  • A way to find and license music you can use.
  • A way to take notes and have a script.
  • Continued education and networking with the community.
  • Scheduling software for interviews.
  • A CRM to build an email list.
  • Social media accounts and a posting schedule.

Even more, every week there are new companies being launched which solve the same problems but in new and innovative ways. For example, Glow is a great alternative to Patreon which makes the user signup and tracking more efficient solving some of the big challenges that Patreon didn’t have solutions for.

Venture capital is growing in podcasting.

I’ve been studying the podcast space closely for several years now and noticed a rapid increase in new products and resources being launched for podcasters. VCs are pouring new money, founders are creating innovative solutions. As a result, the landscape is shifting quickly. But we shouldn’t be surprised, this is the wild west and everyone knows there’s gold underground.

But imagine a place where podcasters could go to easily find any resource, see all of the available options, and even read community posts and reviews on their experience with the software.

When launching, we cataloged over 150 top resources which we thought were important and worth considering when looking to accomplish any of the necessary podcast tasks.

We are a community-curated platform.

It’s one thing to skim a product website with perfect pictures and captivating headlines. But it’s something else to hear un-sponsored testimonies of real users who use the product daily.

  1. Upvote – is the simplest and highest altitude comparison of what other podcasters think of a particular tool or resource.
  2. Featured – every week, we hand-pick products to highlight. These are curated by our content team and recommended only if they meet our criteria of quality and excellent products.
  3. Reviews – every product has a product page with a brief summary, links to the product page, and a place to write and read detailed reviews.

We will continue to add tools and resources weekly. If we’re missing something, you can submit it here.

Yours truly,

Paul Michaelenko (Founder, CEO)

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