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Something better than Discord, Facebook groups, Patreon, and your social-audio apps.

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  • Grant Napear

    “I can finally talk to my listeners and feature their voices on the daily show”

    Grant Napear

    American radio personality

  • Pat Flynn

    “I’ve been looking for a good way to engage with my listeners. Listen App is exactly what I need. Especially now!”

    Pat Flynn

    Entrepreneur, educator, speaker.

  • Jack Kramer & Nick Martell

    “We finally have a good place for the Snacks Daily community to hang out.”

    Jack Kramer & Nick Martell

    Hosts of the Snacks Daily podcast.

  • John Lee Dumas

    “Listen App will allow me to take the relationship I have with my listeners to the next level, and ignite!”

    John Lee Dumas

    Host of the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast.

  • Jordan Harbinger

    “Listen App is not only sexy but it let’s me build relationships with my listeners.

    Jordan Harbinger

    Entrepreneur, podcaster, speaker..

How much you could be earning with Listen App

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10 reasons to choose Listen App

10 Reasons
  • #1

    Listen App is the only platform designed for podcasters that combines paid membership, social-audio, and podcast listening.

  • #2

    Unlike all the social media platforms, Listen App enables podcasters to fully own your audience.

  • #3

    Listen App doesn’t make you rely on ambiguous algorhythms to reach your members.

  • #4

    Listen App doesn’t clutter your audience interface with other people’s content.

  • #5

    Listen App is platform agonstic and works flawlessly on iOS, Android, and on the Web.

  • #6

    Listen App places a high priority on design and user experience.

  • #7

    Listen App allows you to send SMS messages to your audience.

  • #8

    Listen App is the easiest way to monetize your podcast without creating new content or ads.

  • #9

    Listen App doesn’t require a private RSS feed to create a premium subscription.

  • #10

    Listen App allows you to build an email list of your audience.

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