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Discover the niche community within each podcast.
Pat Flynn
“I’ve been looking for a good way to engage with my listeners. Listen App is exactly what I need. Especially now!”
John Lee Dumas
“Listen App will allow me to take the relationship I have with my listeners to the next level, and ignite!”

Listen App is for the episode after-party…

Every good podcast has a place for the real fans to hang out and mingle.


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More than slightly obsessed with design.

Jordan Harbinger
“Listen App is not only sexy but it let’s me build relationships with my listeners.”
Jack Kramer & Nick Martell
“We finally have a good place for the Snacks Daily community to hang out.”


We’re a team of product obsessed individuals. Here’s why we created the Listen App:

We believe it’s unfortunate that podcast communities don’t exist. Listeners are naturally subscribing to shows that reflect their deep interests. The more niche the podcast, the more valuable the potential community.

We believe that ad-supported models have major drawbacks for creators and listeners alike. We think that podcasting needs a good place where creators can engage with their loyal listeners directly and where fans can support their favorite creators.

We also believe that this place should be incredibly beautiful.